Jojo’s Fashion Show

Jojo’s Fashion Show

Test your fashion sense by creating appropriate wardrobes
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Pick the clothes that best match the word that you're given and get five stars rating. Reach the next level to unlock new clothes and the dress up mode.

Jojo's Fashion show is a fashion game developed by Gamelab. The game's theme will certainly appeal the female audience more. The game's presentation is top-notch. It is amazing to see a game like this in the same category as flash arcade games.

Rosalind convinced her mother, Jojo, to come out of retirement and start showing her fashion on runways again. The game is simple to understand but it does have a good bit of a challenge. It is not just a dress-up-a-doll game, although you have the option to play it in that mode. You have to dress up models during a fashion show in order to achieve a certain theme. Each model gets a word that will describe her wardrobe, for example Summer. You must choose from the clothes available to you the best one that suits that word. If you get it right, the outfit will get a score out of 5 stars. You do this for a couple of models until the show is over, then the show will get an overall score, out of 5 stars. You must achieve a specific number of stars to reach the next level. Once you reach the next level, items will be unlocked in the dress up mode. It is a very good game that will certainly appeal the girl with fashion dreams inside her, and some other audiences as well. Good presentation, good game modes, good items. Very recommended if that is your sort of thing.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good presentation
  • Good game modes


  • Occasional crashes when launching the game
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